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Could puppy have worms!!!!

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I took Bella to potty and she pee'd then pooped like normal...Her poop was firm the first stool then the second stool was half firm half semi loose and lighter brown.. But Im thinking it's b/c of the cottage cheese she just started that's why it was a little loose.... After she finished I let go of her leash and we both ran around our yard for 15 mins...she ran ran rolled ran ran rolled did a cartwheel all that good stuff...Well I brought her in to wash her off with some grooming wipes and I wiped her down good and when we were finished I saw what looked like a tiny tiny maggot, still moving! It was smooth and didn't look like any maggots Ive seen looked like a baby maggot ( I dont know what baby maggots really look like)... I searched online and the only thing it could of looked like was a real maggot she ran over or a was about 1/4 inch long and thin and round not flat like a tape worm..

Could she of pooped and a hookworm stuck to her back side then fell out while cleaning her ??? Can we see hookworms with the naked eye....

We get her 16 week booster shots Thursday and I will be bringing in a sample but I worry it might not always be in her stool even if she has worms...

I only thought of taking a picture after I killed it and threw it away!!! Sorry.
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She probably has worms. Take in a stool sample and get a dose of dewormer. You won't always find eggs on a fecal so its good to go ahead and deworm her anyways.
this thing was still moving and only one....I thought tapeworms were the only worms really visible to naked eye..and this looked more like a tiny maggot then flat rice ( tapeworm) .

Is it alright to get her dewormed even if she took Interceptor last week?... Interceptor kills heartworm, hookworm and whipworm.
Nope...rounds are very common to see.
If she has live worms she needs to be dewormed.
You had absolute evidence that you baby has worms...fortunately, worming her is quick and esy and she'll be parasite free in no time, just go get it done, girlfriend.
yes def bringing in stool sample to vet thursday 9:00 am when we get her last booster shots. I'm gonna tell the vet what I seen even if the sample comes out negative. I Just rely on all you guys here more then I do my vet...most of you seem more knowledgeable then my vet which scares me!!!

Im hoping its not worms but will take it seriously.... I had a bbq last week and some food must of dropped on the ground...b/c when i took her out at 5am the next morning there where about 50 maggots at my backdoor.....I cleaned cleaned cleaned right away.... I am very OCD so I clean my house everyday...So im hoping it was a baby maggot stuck on her signs of worms on her bedding or anywhere else....Lets hope for the best!!!

I think my real question is.....if she doesnt have worms...will it hurt her even if she takes a dewormer pill???

and if she took interceptor last week will it hurt her to take a dewormer??

Im really trying to do the best for her and go the holistic route as much as possible, I dont want to over medicate or over vaccinate....If I ask my vet these questions I have a feeling they will medicate medicate medicate maybe more then needed.
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It is fine for her to be dewormed.
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