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Couldn't help but share

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When hubby and I have to run out to MIL's and depending on how long we think we will be, if we think we will be a little longer, Mia and Leo have their own bedroom, that is completely pup safe. The house is too, but we just feel better, having them in their room, that has everything in there for them, it's a regular size bedroom, that is just for them, and we put a baby gate up, so we can leave the door open. Just to keep them safe. And they love their little playroom, and get all excited when I say "room", up the staris they can't wait to go (guess that has something to do with the little treat they get, when going into their play room)

As you know my two are pad trained. Well, we got them a little puppy dog, as one of their little toys, this was awhile ago.

We got home, and it just was one of those very draining days, and I just couldn't wait to see the babies. Admittely, I was really tired, and drained.

Well here is their little puppy dog :wub:

Stuffed toy Plush Toy Pink Teddy bear

And um, honestly to anything, this is exactly how I fond their little puppy. One or both, is trying to train their puppy to use the pads :HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:

I tell you, I just cracked up, and was tired no more. Isn't it amazing, the little things our babies do, that just make everything wonderful :wub:

I absolutely couldn't believe my eyes when I approached their bedroom, I just wonder which of the two is training their little puppy, probably a team effort.

So amazing, how they can just make everyday a great one. :heart::heart:

Pink Floor Leg Flooring Finger
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That's hilarious! Mia and Leo are so smart and such responsible little puppy parents. :HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:
Awe! :wub: Those two are just too much! They were probably trying to potty train the pup so mommy didn't have to! What sweeties!!
LOOOOL thanks for the smiles :D
love your two smarty pups <3
Ah how sweet! Isn't it amazing just HOW MUCH these little furr kids brighten our lives? I am so grateful for the T's in my life!!! (BTW what is that on their toy doggie's head?) :)
OMG - that is so cute. :HistericalSmiley: You could rent L & M out to train other puppies. :thumbsup:
So very cute. Thanks for the smile today!!
lol too cute .
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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