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Crate and Car Question

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Hi everyone! Two quick questions....

1) What size crate do you have for your dog at home? (5.5 to 6.5 lb dog)

2) What is the best way to keep a dog "comfortable" for a 4.5 hour ride home from the breeder?
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Hi everyone! Two quick questions....

1) What size crate do you have for your dog at home? (5.5 to 6.5 lb dog)

2) What is the best way to keep a dog "comfortable" for a 4.5 hour ride home from the breeder?
I couldn't find a specific link but I have a crate from Petco. It's called the Dog Whisperer and it's the smallest one they carry. My doggy was about 3lbs but this was definitely big for him. I'm glad I didn't get anything smaller though as he will grow into it. - Oh and he has never soiled it at all OR b/c of it being too big.

What I did to keep him all cozy is I layered it with a wooly kind of crate layer and then I put in one of those puppy stuffed animals - the ones with the beating heart and warmer - didn't use the warmer though but turned the heart on. And I then rubbed a little puppy blankie on me and put it in there. It worked out great but he didn't like the car much as he never had had a car ride or had been outside, day or night, so he freaked about that. But his crate became his comfy abode from day 1.
Hope this helps.
Tyler had been going along to shows with the breeder, so he was used to the car but I ended up using a carrier from Petco with the handle on top to bring him home. One of those small plastic ones. I figured it would be small and cosy and my breeder gave me Tyler's favorite toy to take along. See if your breeder can do that. Tyler then took trips to VT with us in that crate and was perfectly happy. A few months ago Erin gave me a car seat that Hunter had outgrown and now he sits in that but not until he was about a year old.
Here's the type of carrier tho not the specific on I bought:
Marchioro Tortuga Clipper Carrier in Blue at PETCO
24X18 crate

Car booster seat, or a good soft carrier bag.
I brought Myah home in this small carrier. I put a baby receiving blanket and a new stuff animal in with her.

She was very comfortable and slept most of the way (6 hr trip).

However, since it was her first car ride she did get car sick a few times. We stopped at petsmart on the way and a lady told me to give her some honey water. She loved it and never got sick on the rest of way home. The honey water calmed her stomach.

She still rides in this crate and she is around 3 lbs. She loves her crate.

Good luck
We don't use a crate at home but here is a word of caution about traveling with dogs in actual crates in the car that I gained from attending a pet seminar when I first got Hunter:

1. you need to ensure that your crate is locked into place somehow. If you are every in a car accident the crate could become an object that harms you or others traveling with you.

2. do not to travel with him in a crate because he is not secure. If we were ever in an accident he could be flung around in the crate causing severe harm to him (depending on the severity of the accident. I was told that a hard plastic crate/metal are the two worst offenders but that the soft crates aren't that much better. We were taught to either harness him to the seatbelt with approved devices or utilize some type of carseat/restraint.

I don't mean to scare or alarm you - just wanted to pass along the information I had that I didn't know before.
I travel 2-4 weekends a month to dog shows and the usual drive time is at least 3 hours (sometimes a lot more) and all my dogs travel in plastic crates that are seated belted in. I think in the case of an serious car accident, your dog will either fare well or they won't - but at least with the plastic crates I know they would remain contained in the event of an accident since I'd hate to think of them surviving an accident yet escaping in the aftermath and being struck by traffic (definitely doom and gloom here, I don't even like thinking about it!!! Not trying to be callous)

This is one of those questions where you ask and get multiple answers. :) Every dog show I've been too, I would say that 90% of the participants travel with their dogs in either plastic or metal crates.

These are the crates I happen to use, but any good plastic crate should do. Since your maltese is an adult, that is very helpful! You dont' have to guestimate sizes. I like this size but I could get away with a size smaller, if I needed to. Sometimes I have two in one crate, so I like this size.

What breeder are you getting your baby from? If it were me, I'd ask she/he for advice on a travel crate. They even may have one to send home with you!

can't wait to hear about how your new baby settles in!!
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My favorite crates are the black wire ones in size 18x24. They come in either one door or two door styles. I prefer the ones with two doors because occasionally I move their crates to a different part of the room and may need to turn the crate a different way so no matter what I can always have the door opening in the front. The brand I have is by MidWest and is the Life Styles collection (2-door).

Edited to Add: If you're bringing home a puppy you will want to make sure the crate you get comes with the wire divider panel because a crate that large is not ideal for a small puppy when trying to housetrain. You want to use the divider panel to make the crate smaller and gradually increase the size as the puppy grows. :)
I am in total agreement with Stacy. Any bad automobile accident puts everyone in the car at risk. My young puppies and show dogs always travel in the back seat in hard-sided plastic crates (#100 Vari Kennel) strapped down with the seat belts. The older well-behaved ones ride harnessed in Lookout Booster seats. No puppy leaves for its new home unless the new owners arrive with a hard-sided crate. You might want to check with your breeder to see if he/she has any specific requirements as to what your dog travels in.
I do not travel with Nikki unless she is secured in her car seat (in the back of the car) She has a special car harness, (purchased at GW Little online) which attaches to the seat belt. The seat belt secures her Lookout Booster seat.

When she was a puppy, we brought her home in a soft-sided Sherpa bag.

Regarding crates, I used a crate to potty train Nikki. I actually had two Midwest crates ( has good prices) One of them was a 22X13 size, and set up on my nightstand right next to my bed. Nikki slept in there at night until she was potty trained. The other crate was 24x 18, and set up in the living/family room. We used it for daytime potty training. Nikki loved her larger crate. We just folded it up and put it away recently. (Nikki is 2 1/2.)

The potty training worked out well with 2 crates. If/when I get another puppy. I will do it the same way.
I crate my dogs in the car. They are secured to the floor of the car.

A regular dog harness or attachment WILL BREAK in an accident. They are NOT MADE TO WITHSTAND THE STRESS OF A CAR WRECK. Only a CRASH TESTED harness is appropriate.
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