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I travel 2-4 weekends a month to dog shows and the usual drive time is at least 3 hours (sometimes a lot more) and all my dogs travel in plastic crates that are seated belted in. I think in the case of an serious car accident, your dog will either fare well or they won't - but at least with the plastic crates I know they would remain contained in the event of an accident since I'd hate to think of them surviving an accident yet escaping in the aftermath and being struck by traffic (definitely doom and gloom here, I don't even like thinking about it!!! Not trying to be callous)

This is one of those questions where you ask and get multiple answers. :) Every dog show I've been too, I would say that 90% of the participants travel with their dogs in either plastic or metal crates.

These are the crates I happen to use, but any good plastic crate should do. Since your maltese is an adult, that is very helpful! You dont' have to guestimate sizes. I like this size but I could get away with a size smaller, if I needed to. Sometimes I have two in one crate, so I like this size.

What breeder are you getting your baby from? If it were me, I'd ask she/he for advice on a travel crate. They even may have one to send home with you!

can't wait to hear about how your new baby settles in!!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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