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We don't use a crate at home but here is a word of caution about traveling with dogs in actual crates in the car that I gained from attending a pet seminar when I first got Hunter:

1. you need to ensure that your crate is locked into place somehow. If you are every in a car accident the crate could become an object that harms you or others traveling with you.

2. do not to travel with him in a crate because he is not secure. If we were ever in an accident he could be flung around in the crate causing severe harm to him (depending on the severity of the accident. I was told that a hard plastic crate/metal are the two worst offenders but that the soft crates aren't that much better. We were taught to either harness him to the seatbelt with approved devices or utilize some type of carseat/restraint.

I don't mean to scare or alarm you - just wanted to pass along the information I had that I didn't know before.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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