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Hi everyone! Two quick questions....

1) What size crate do you have for your dog at home? (5.5 to 6.5 lb dog)

2) What is the best way to keep a dog "comfortable" for a 4.5 hour ride home from the breeder?
I couldn't find a specific link but I have a crate from Petco. It's called the Dog Whisperer and it's the smallest one they carry. My doggy was about 3lbs but this was definitely big for him. I'm glad I didn't get anything smaller though as he will grow into it. - Oh and he has never soiled it at all OR b/c of it being too big.

What I did to keep him all cozy is I layered it with a wooly kind of crate layer and then I put in one of those puppy stuffed animals - the ones with the beating heart and warmer - didn't use the warmer though but turned the heart on. And I then rubbed a little puppy blankie on me and put it in there. It worked out great but he didn't like the car much as he never had had a car ride or had been outside, day or night, so he freaked about that. But his crate became his comfy abode from day 1.
Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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