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Yeah, that was my Brinkley that ATE the toilet paper roll and got so sick... :wacko:
He doesn't get them any more. Scared me too bad. I was thinking that as I read the other posts. Just be careful with them.

Brinkley loves dryer sheets also and anything paper.
His favorite toys are anything he is NOT supposed to have.
I still cannot convince the kids, especially Emily to not leave her toys and stuff laying where he can get it. I don't know how many of her pictures he has eaten up...and toys he has chewed...she has a pair of plastic dress up shoes with feathers that he adores!!! He also loves her plastic playfood from her kitchen set. He also gets her baby dolls...which are usually as big as he is and drags them around...messes up their hair...she absolutely freaks out! :eek: But, she won't stop leaving them around. So I don't let her get mad at him. Her fault...LOL.

This morning I dropped the scoop to the dog food...the measuring I was feeding him. He took off with it, and in my rush, I forgot about it. This evening I went to look for it and could not find it anywhere. I knew he could not have taken it out of the kitchen. I finally found it in his house buried under his blanket! LOL Goofy thing! Who needs expensive dog toys?

Our 12 year old cat Spencer, who has no claws...that is his personal play slave. Although Spencer does not play back. Bless his heart. I finally have to just pick him up and put him on the other side of the gate because Brinkley is SO rough, and Spencer either will not, or cannot move fast enough to get away. He (the cat) has long hair and Brinkley grabs it and yanks and is awful. The other cats play chase with him around the furniture and stuff, but they have claws, so there is very little contact.
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