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Cross your paws for Poppy

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Today is Poppy's procedure on his eye ducts, or finding out if he doesn't have them.

He got hold of a steel wool pad last night and shredded it, so I had them x-ray his tummy first, just to make sure he didn't eat any of it. X-ray was clear, but he was constipated, so they gave him an enema before his procedure.

I'm now sitting here waiting for them to call ... tap, tap, tap ... hoping it was just that his tear ducts were clogged, and not non-existent.

House is awfully quite without the Professor around. :mellow:

HUGz! Jules
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Keeping Poppy in my prayers.:prayer: I'm hoping his tearducts are blocked, easy to fix. Riley has had it done twice in 3 years.
aaww I'm sure Poppy will be fine...I know what you mean about being
quite. All mine went to the groomers last week, when I walked into
a silent house it was very strange :w00t::HistericalSmiley:.
Jules - praying for Poppy that things will go well. :grouphug: Let us know and give him tons of kisses when he's home. I'm thinking of checking Tyler's ducts too since his staining is pretty bad sometimes.
Thanks everybody!! I just wish they'd call ... I'll wait another 20 minutes or so, and then I'll call.

I'll post when I know something.

Big HUGz! Jules
I am just now seeing this......hope he will be okay. Please let us know~~
Poppy is home, still groggy, but he's home. It appears that his tear ducts were clogged, but we won't know for sure until he is retested in 10 days. He will be on steroid eye drops until then. His tear ducts are small and more superficial than Dr. Berg is used to seeing, which is why he's not sure the flush will work, so we'll see in 10 days.

His tear ducts seem small, and high. Dr. Berg said this could be why when the tears come up, they just sort of spill over and not go through the ducts.

If in 10 days, after the dye test, it appears that there still is no drainage, we will discuss any options that might be available.

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts! :wub:

HUGz! Jules
Jules - I'm happy that Poppy's home. Hope the flushing worked! In the meantime get some rest along with Poppy - it's been a long, stressful day.
Glad Poppy is home resting...It's always a stressful day when they're
at the vets all day.
Glad to hear that Poppy is home. Keeping my fingers crossed that the flushing worked.
Happy your Poppy's home and hope you both get a good nights rest.. been a long day for you both! I'm praying the flushing did the trick !
Happy to hear everything went fine with his procedure...I sure hope you see improvement now that his tear ducts are flushed.
I'm so glad everything went well and that Poppy is home. I hope this fixed it!
Hugs to that sleepy boy. :wub:
Glad he's home - puppy slurps from here!
Glad that Poppy is home. I hope that today took care of the
problem for him. I'll keep him in my prayers.
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