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We have our own business-a roofing business-and we have a job going on down by the beach and so my husband wanted to treat the guys to a hotel room so they wouldn't have to drive back and forth--the traffic here is terrible--so we got them a suite with two rooms-two beds in one room and a sofa bed in another room with tv's in each room. We checked out the room it was nice and paid cash for two nights. Well they switched rooms on the guys--and in the new room the drain in the shower didn't drain very well-they only had one tv and the sofa bed had dirty sheets and a dirty t shirt that the previous person left in the bed. One of our guys slept on the FLOOR
I can't believe they didn't call to complain about this themselves--well we went in yesterday to talk to the manager and she would not do one thing for us. We already paid cash and she wouldn't compensate us in any way. They did take care of the room.....but her attitude was horrible--she didn't care that they didn't get the room they were suppose to get and could care less about the condition of the room. We were furious but had already paid cash and couldn't get it back for last night to find the guys a new place. I don't know whatever happen to customer service either--and yes--the fast food business stinks around us too-theres so much competition that you'd think they want to treat their customers nice to keep them coming back but noooooo.......its really ashame that people just can't be nice anymore.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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