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I took Daezie to the vet on Sat. she was going #2 with blood. they did a stool test and didnt find anything wrong. She gave her medicine for inflamation. She is okay now no more blood. will finish her medication.

What worries me is that Daezie is now 12.16 lbs. I knew Daezie had gain some weight but I didnt think It was this much. Her hair is now 1 1/2 long so she looks really puffy. The vet said she has to loose at least 3lbs ASAP. (i'm a bad mother
how did I let this happen)
She recommended Iams eukabuna(sp?) prescription weight control. and Hills (something I cant remeber the name right now) with more fiber.
both foods the 1st ingridient in corn and then chicken-by-products. I told my vet I dont like Iams for one + I didnt like that the first ingridient is corn and that it has chiken-by-product. Also if the food is high on fiber she will be going #2 more often.
I told her I will do my research and find her a weight control food.

I would have to keep Daezie on food different than Maya and Luna which she already has her own senior food

Right now Daezie and Maya are eating "Spot Stew for Dogs" Do you guys have any suggestions on which brand of food that is for weight control, other than what the vet prescribed? which, by the way that's all they carry at her office.

Since Sat I cut Daezie's food portion and treats. she is only allowed apples and carrots and may be peanut butter but that's it. And we will be exercising more.

I welcome any suggestions. Thank You!

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Originally posted by tlunn@Oct 3 2005, 05:05 PM
Were you free-feeding?
Maybe just portioning out the right amount of food and gradually getting to a little less will help without having to go on a weight control food.
I know I had Brink on the senior formula of Chicken Soup b/c they were out of regular adult. It had less calories/fat stuff. LadyMontava helped me figure out how much Brink should eat when I gave her his weight and all the numeric stuff from the bag. Maybe she can help you.

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No, I dont free feed them for the reason that Daezie is never full she just wants to eat and would eat Maya and Luna's food.

Good Idea, i will see if LadyMontave can help!

Thanks :D
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