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Delilah's spay is in the morning. UPDATED POST #1

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Please keep my sweet girl in thoughts and prayers for her surgery tomorrow. I know it's the best thing for her! I'm just worried sick for her. She's so itty bitty! I'm sure she'll do and be fine. We decided to wait to get into showing with her. I'm a little bummed about that, but my life's chaotic enough right now. Just going to spend this time enjoying the shows, and *as Mike says to me sometimes, watch and learn ape man. LOL

Delilah did very well!! She is recovering and they are watching her closely until I can pick her up after 4! They know she is my heart, so they are taking extra care of her. Thank you all for the prayers it worked!! So glad that Callie, Delilah and Lucy are out of surgery and will be home shortly!!
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WOW so many precious little girsl getting spayed tomorrow! Delilah will be fine btu I will keep her, Callie and Lucy in my prayers :)
Laura - I'm sending prayers to you and precious little Delilah. I know it will seem like the longest day, but try to stay busy (would think that wouldn't be too hard in your house) and she'll be back in your arms. :grouphug: Let us know how it goes.
I know you'll be a basket case tomorrow......that was me last week.....and then I found all that worrying was for nothing, Ava did fine. She was out of it until the next day. She didn't want any food or water that night - I was so worried i got up in the middle of the night and rubbed some honey on her gums to make sure her sugar level was ok. Buy the next afternoon she was up and about - not moving fast, but she was ok. By the third day she was back to her old self. :thumbsup:

I'll say a prayer for all three SM pups being spayed tomorrow.
You're Delilah, Crytal's Callie (Crytal&Zoe) and Allie's Lucy (Sandcastles)

Keep us updated....
Wow...must be the day for spays! Callie and Lucy are being spayed as well tomorrow. We can all be worry buddies together. :grouphug: You and Delilah will both be in my prayers.
Best wishes and thoughts coming your way - Lucy goes in at 7:30 - 8:00

I will keep you in my thoughts - please let me know how she is doing tomorrow night.

Hugs for you and baby Delilah.

Good luck Delilah and happy thoughts and prayers to you and mommy.
I'll be saying prayers for Miss Delilah! All will be fine. Keep us posted. Hugs.
thinking about delilah , hope everything is ok !
I have Delilah on my mind. Hoping all is well and you'll be hearing from the vet soon.
Hello Laura,

I'm thinking of you and Callie.

GAH! I've been calling for the last 30 mins and it's been busy!:smilie_tischkante:
Hang in there. Sending sweet Delilah lots of love and kisses and good wishes for a quick recovery and to be back home soon.
I just called and she did very well! She is still waking up. I can come and pick her up anytime after 4. The receptionist was telling me how everyone just loves her and was just hugging and kissing her before surgery. I'm so relieved it is over and she will be home soon. I'm going to move her crate and stuff into my room right now, so she will have peace and quite when she comes home.

Thank you all for the prayers! xoxoxoxo
PHEW !!!!:smheat: Great news. :yahoo:All three girls made it just fine.
Laura - how could they resist loving that girl? :wub::wub: You might want to add an update to your first post so that everyone knows she's okay. I know you can't wait to get her home with you and your family. :sLo_grouphug3:
Yipee!!! All 3 girls are out of surgery and did great!! Time to celebrate! But only until we bring these babies home. And then it's quiet time.

So is my vet the only one that is giving a hard time about keeping over night?

Give sweet Delilah gentle hugs from me and Calle.
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