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dex is mad

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If its not the blackberry its the laptop.. stop ignoring me!! im going to destroy this thing- dex scratches and beats it up every morning..

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lol! That is too funny! :D He's such a cutie! :wub:
Haha :D that is funny. Dax is darling. Hey dax, I sometimes think my malts have the same thoughts about their mommy
:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:That's right Dex sometimes you just have to demand attention..
Love a man that takes charge!!!:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:
Tell Mommy to put the computer away, turn the phone off and give you all her attention Dex!
Hahaha! Cosy scratches my legs until I pay attention to her if I'm on the computer. They are not good sharers.
hahahha! I had to laugh out loud at Dex's picture because I see this every day with my Bailey. Every single time I have my laptop in my lap, Bailey will come push it away so he can have my lap all to himself.

Dex sure is a cutie. He actually looks like he's trying to type...are you trying to talk to us on SM, Dex??
So hilarious! That expression on Dex is priceless. It reminds me of one of Casanova's. Hahaha!! I miss that little man Dex.
Oh Dex is so cute Max does the same thing when on the phone he barks at me as well as the computer. He has bad manners so I have to throw him a treat when I am on long
Hahaha! Cosy scratches my legs until I pay attention to her if I'm on the computer. They are not good sharers.
that's what Cocotini does,too!!
:HistericalSmiley:Dex, you are hilarious as well as handsome. My Lily has a thing for keyboards, too. She types pretty well using paws. The only problem is, I can't understand a thing she types.:HistericalSmiley:
What a cute picture of Dex. Maybe he wants some computer lessons.
Dex's look is priceless :angry: He's had enough!!!
He wants some one on one time with Mommy......such a darling baby!!
Dex you can pout all you want, your adorable:wub:
What our babies have to put up with LOL. Lola gets mad at my laptop too.
Uh oh. I think Dex is ordering some treats on line. :w00t: Lots of treats. :w00t::w00t: I would "step away from the computer ma'am" and give that fluff a hug. :HistericalSmiley: He's so cute!!
Awww, Dex, nothing is as cute nor as interesting as you! :wub: I bet mommy has a BIG photo of you on her bb and laptop!
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