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Dezi my Chi was took to the vet :(

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Dezi had/has runny poo. She was dehydrated (I made her drink some water through forceing her). She was not eating or drinking. Had a temp of 105. The vet gave her fluids under her skin along with Metronidazole and hyosophen for me to give at home. She had a blood panel and a fecal test with nothing comming back. Except her liver enzymes was a little high (they said not the ones that make it work?)
I brought her back home with the medicine. The vet said to hold off food till tommrow, to let her stomach rest, they gave me a can of bland food to start her on tommrow.
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Aww, I am so sorry she isn't feeling well.
Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery :grouphug:
Poor thing. I'm really sorry she's so sick. Hope she gets better soon.
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