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I want to say right off the bat that I'm no authority. As you know I have just gotten Sassy who is one week short of 6 months. She is the littermate of Sadie, who we got at 14 weeks. It has only been 36 hours but I can give you a couple of observations and suggestions.

First and foremost I'd want to know how big an operation the breeder has and what kind of interaction this older puppy has had with people! Sassy was living in a home. Even with the regular human interaction, she had to compete with 5 other dogs for attention. She is much more reserved than Sadie was when she came. I expect this to lessen in the next week, but she hangs back and watches where Sadie jumped right in. She rode home in my lap for 4 hours and is very attached to me. Sadie is attached to me, but also to my daughter and seems to feel comfortable with everyone.

Sassy is further along at potty training. I take Sadie out about every hour, but Sassy has been trained on pads and can go much longer between potty breaks. She's done great in the house and I'm amazed. There are also no problems with feeding. When we got Sadie she had to be coaxed to eat. An older pup doesn't seem to have any of those problems.

Sadie has a nice coat but we could only go by the breeders assessment. It is very easy to see what we were getting with Sassy. In fact, she has WAY more hair than we are interested in and it'll have to be trimmed up. Sassy has more tear staining. Sadie has one strand at each eye during the teething. Looks like Sassy's had a little more trouble.

We decided to keep the name with Sassy. With Sadie we told the breeder our name choice but she had an older dog named Sadie so she called Sadie Baby Girl the whole time. It worked out. The male littermate has had a big name change and isn't taking to the new name yet. He will in time, but not right away. We liked the name Sassy just fine so I decided to keep it for ease.

So far, I am very pleased with the older puppy. We loved having Sadie at 14 weeks, but don't think that an older puppy is a bad deal at all. MY big caveat would be to make SURE that it isn't a kennel dog, or one that has been around so many dogs that it got very little people time. I can tell that Sassy got plenty of attention, even though she had to share with other dogs. In recent weeks the boy dog left so she was competing with 4 other dogs. I would also want to know what the breeder had done with potty training and leash training.

I'll probably have more observations as the next couple of weeks go by. Have you found an interesting prospect?
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