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Originally posted by snoopychan@Jan 1 2005, 11:48 PM
I had questions with diffences in getting a puppy or getting one thats about 6 months old (toddler ?  :lol: ). I noticed that some breeders will have a young malt to sell thats several months old. And theres some good things about getting a little older pup. But also having them from a puppy is so nice too...

Anyway, I wanted to ask that if you bought a 6 month or older pup would there be problems for them to adjust to a new environment? Espcially if they have been around a sibling all that time. What about if a male hasn't been neutered yet @ that age? Is it too late and they might already have developed undesirable male habits (leg lifting, humpty dance)? And what about if you wanted to change their name? Would it confuse them?
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You could check with the breeder about the leg lifting. If he hasn't already started then just plan to get him neutered as soon as possible or maybe the breeder would get him neutered before he comes home to you. Personally, I don't think 6 months is that old. The real young puppy stage lasts such a very short time and the toddler stage seems to be much longer. Over a lifetime of 12 or so years, a couple months shouldn't make a big difference. I bet you could gradually get him used to a new name, also.

The pluses of the older dog is that you will be able to see his personality and coat and there won't be as many surprises. Have you found one that you think might work out for you?
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