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Discusted with a friend:(

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I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on a situation I'm in please.

Last year when I got Libby a friend, who happens to live around the block was also wanting a dog too. Her twins are in the same class with my son. She a nice girl and we've done a few things together. We're not very close though.

Anyhow, a few months after Libby was here, this friend got a huge dog and named her...LIBBY-Lu just like my girl :w00t:

Come on, can't you pick out a name yourself!:smilie_tischkante:

Ever since, I've been giving her the cool treatment. I'm really discusted over this.

I spent hours picking the perfect name for my girl. To me, this is like naming a child.

In fact, at one time I thought of Lilly for Libby but another neighbor has a Lilly and I just couldn't do it.

Am I being silly over this?

Would you say anything to her?

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Awww, you have the original Libby Lu, the cutest and best!!!! I wouldn't say a word to her just enjoy the fact that she really, really liked the name you came up with and after have the number 1 and she only has number 2.
You know what they say...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I guess you should look at it that way if you would like to continue the friendship. What's in a name, for a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. :)
I think life is way to short to be disgusted with anyone. I would look at it like flattery. There are so many bad things going on in this wide world of ours to care about what someone names their pup.
Libby is a unique name for a dog. She probably liked it so much and figured hey why not use it. It's not worth being bothered by it. Your Libby is the cutest Libby there is !:thumbsup:
Ah thank you all!

It was funny when the two of us walked the dogs together. Both kept looking when Libby was called.:HistericalSmiley:

I won't say anything to her. Now, If she does it again with Effie, I may have to spew some words LOL!
I sort of feel the same way you do...I would be REALLY upset if someone I knew used one of the names I have for my dogs. You pick out their names just like you do a child's name. I like to use more unique names rather than "Butch, Shadow, Sunny, etc" for a dog and when someone else uses the same name, I do get offended. I'm just being honest!

Now, I suppose they named their dog Libby because it is such a cute name, and I guess you should take it like the person admires you...but I get what you're saying. I probably wouldn't say anything to them...afterall, they MUST know how stupid they look naming their dog the same name as yours --- right??? lol
Life's to short. I like what Brit said "What's in a name, for a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".
I have a friend who got a dog and named her Abbie without even knowing at the time that I had a malt named Abbey......I think she was a bit embarrassed, but i thought it was great! Heck, we all have so many nick names anyway....

In the sceme of things in's pretty little. But like you said, if this person copies you again with the next one...I'd ask her to get a book of names and choose another one. :blush:
I'm not very good at coming up with names--many of mine, rescued dogs, have come to me with names and I just let them keep them. :)

I got the idea for the name Spunky from a man who lived in my apartment building. He had a Lhasa, I think, that he named Spunky. He moved out after a while--before I got my Maltese. Since he had moved to another part of the state, I thought it was safe to copy his dog's name. :D

It is a bit different that your friend has copied your dog's name--but I agree, it could be that imitation which is the sincerest form of flattery--and maybe entertaining to her because of the difference in size between your dogs. :D
Take it as a compliment and do not say a word to your friend.
Heck, a lost dog was dropped off, and I named her Linda, after Bonnie's Mom. When the owner was contacted, she picked up Linda, and I found out my Little Linda was a male ~ :HistericalSmiley:

I've had several friends name their dogs with one of my dogs' names.

They don't have a choice, as I've hogged every name there is ~ LMAO

I don't care, and it never crossed my mind that would bother anyone.

It would certainly bother me more to lose a friend over it. I can't imagine a friend mad at me over what I named my dog. As I stated, I'm running rather short on names as it is. LOL
i totally understand where you are coming from. I can see how irritating it must be to have that happen. I would be just as upset and annoyed. In fact..i can see myself being totally passive aggressive to my neighbor if she did that...HOWEVER

It is true that she is really just complimenting your taste in names and it is really not worth losing a friend, and have to live next to the enemy. Do you really want to have to see her everyday and feel really awkward as you glare at each other? Never! Smile, be friendly and just know deep have the only libby =)
I think life is way to short to be disgusted with anyone. I would look at it like flattery. There are so many bad things going on in this wide world of ours to care about what someone names their pup.
I agree 100%!
There was a thread about this a bit ago. It wouldn't bother me too much. I even had to do that with my new Malt. Had to name him the same name because of my grandma's memory loss. I just changed the spelling of his name. Anyway, here's the link to the thread. It was pretty interesting to hear peoples' ideas on the subject.
I think her naming her dog Libby also was sort of strange, but still acceptable.
But her using the whole name "Libby Lu" is somewhat perplexing...
I would wonder if maybe she has some other esteem issues under the surface.

I ran into a similar prob, when I looked after a little Malt
who had the same name as my Godchild.
But I always used a different nickname for her in front of my friend & her child.
I told her the issue, and I think she really appreciated that .
Take it as a compliment and do not say a word to your friend.
Agree with this.
Life is so short, don't be upset with your friend. It really is a huge compliment to you and your Libby-Lu. :wub: I think your friend admires you. My real name is Suzette, so, I named my Josey, Josette. Cody and Mandy are just names I liked and that my husband and I could agree on. I really would be honored if someone named their dog after any of mine. I have friends that purchase the same doggy dress or dog bed and ask me if it upsets me. Nope, never! I love the fact that some of my friends and I have similar tastes and we can all enjoy our furbabies together.
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