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Disposable vs. washable puppy pad question

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In your experience, is a fluff trained to use a washable pad easily able to transition to using a disposable one? I ask because we are taking Gus out of town for a long weekend and I want him to use disposable pads temporarily for the trip. I didn't want to bring washable pads with us. The thought of carting a dirty one back home is just not appealing to me. :eek::eek: I know each pup is different but I just want to know if anyone's done this successfully.
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So we are also working on transitioning to disposable pads with the locking tray. Mine should be delivered today.....I will review and update after putting it to use. We are heading out of town on friday. Mags... Really hope the new tray works!
Ok the pad holder is here! Nice sturdy design and easy to put together. (Even I got it together on the first try) LOL! Pads are held in place by the frame. Big area...holds 23x36 inch pads. I bought the pads from the same seller on Ebay because they fit this frame. Not sure if he had a good price, this is my first large purchase of disposables. I bought a case of 200 for $38. I also have a Ugo but had a hard time finding pads to fit and dogs did not like to walk on the grate on that held the pads in place.

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I use washable pads at home...these/this will be for travel. I did not know about double washing in cold for pads. I have been using warm water with bleach. Should I be doing this? They have been coming out clean and smell fresh.

The problem I have with the washable or going inside for that matter is the pad is missed often and the carpet gets hit a lot. Especially #2s. They always seem to want to do that on the edge!!!?? I put a linoleum remnant down to save the carpet. Hopefully this pad holder will keep them within the borders!
Waiting now for the big
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Bingo! Right in the middle on the first go....we will see how the rest comes out!
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