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Disposable vs. washable puppy pad question

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In your experience, is a fluff trained to use a washable pad easily able to transition to using a disposable one? I ask because we are taking Gus out of town for a long weekend and I want him to use disposable pads temporarily for the trip. I didn't want to bring washable pads with us. The thought of carting a dirty one back home is just not appealing to me. :eek::eek: I know each pup is different but I just want to know if anyone's done this successfully.
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We (the dogs, not me :D ) use the UgoDog.
One time when we travelled, I put it (washed) in a big clean garbage bag.

But to answer your question, I would suggest bringing both washable & disposable pads on your trip.
And testing out the disposables before hand.
You could buy one of those wet proof bags that parents use for wet washable diapers.
They sell them in Walmart in the baby section, they are usually a brightly printed fabric.
Maybe put the washable wee wee pad in there?
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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