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Wow, lots of responses since I was last here. I have to say I do see both sides of the issue. Just as Cindysilver said, I am not a wealthy person -- actually I am rather a poor student at the moment but that doesn't mean that I can't provide the best of care for my pup. We did fix his luxating patellas at the best surgeon in town for quiet a high price, and regularly have him see a vet for ANY issues that may come up. To be honest though, I would have to really, really, really think hard about paying quite that much for a pet quality maltese. For one thing, you really don't know just how much of a "pet" quality this dog will be. Will she/he end up at 12 lbs with curly coat and long snout? Its possible, since after all the dog is pet quality. And that could happen from the best breeder. Its also possible that this puppy could still have health issues. I do wander if maybe its better to rescue then?? Someday in the far, far future I may want to breed and show (after I have skin kids and they are grown and all) and at that point I would want to pay that much but for a show quality dog.

Faye, as always, I enjoy reading your posts
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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