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Divit's story

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my daughter received Divit as a Christmas gift from her fiance who just happened to be a pro golf instructor, they named him Divit. Divit came from a Pet store (before we knew of puppy mills) he weighed 1.4ounces when my daughter received him, he was 11 weeks old:w00t: he was so little, she worked and was fearful because he had bouts with low sugar, so she ask us if we would take care of him until he was abit older.
We were wintering in Yuma at the time (2004) so we drove to Phoenix and picked that boy up at the airport, we were shocked at how little he was. I knew nothing about yorkies, and was abit scared when I first saw him, he was so little and frail, his little ears were floppy and laying next to his head, what a sight, just the cutest little guy I ever saw:wub: scared me to death the day they popped, I thought something happened to him:HistericalSmiley:eek:h my gosh that boy had the biggest ears I had ever seen:HistericalSmiley:and still does:HistericalSmiley:Here's a few pictures od Divit when he was a puppy:wub: and now, we love that boy, in our eyes he's a little:innocent: we call him Matilda's boy friend:HistericalSmiley:
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:tender::wub2: Oh, be still my heart.....what a sweetie pie.

Can you imagine such a tiny did a great job raising the boy, grammy!

And he doesn't have any liver problems?! That is VERY COOL!:thumbsup:

Elaine's new chi pup is just 1 lb., it just amazes me that Ava actually looks big next to her.
I am so in love with Divit (even his name!)...can I take him home with me? :innocent::chili:

He is just about the cutest Yorkie I've ever seen! What a charming baby. :wub:
I'm in love with him too! What a precious baby! :wub:
:wub:He's sooo adorable. What a sweet face.
Awww he's cute, I like how he's wrapped up like a burrito in that one picture :wub:
Ah he's so sweet and tiny!!!! I am glad you were able to care for him for your daughter.
He is darling. Love his ears! I would have been terrified to handle him too. Great job "g'ma"!
Ditto, he is the cutest Yorkie I've ever seen too:wub:
I'm lovin little Divit and have since the first time i saw his picture. He is just the cutest little yorkie i've seen. You've done a great job with him grandmom and i can see why you love him so much.
Divit is adorable. I love his little face. How much does he weigh now?
OMG, Divit is so precious and tiny!

Thanks for the cute photos of him!

Alexandra :wub:
how cute is that !! too freaking cute , and so teeny .. so the ears pop ? wow they just pop out , thats too funny lol .
I'm in love!! Reminds me of the little Yorkie I had but I guess he'd be considered a big Yorkie next to Divit. And love the name too!! Gosh it could have been "Hole in One" or "Sandtrap." :w00t: You did a great job grammy.
So stinkin' cute! :wub::wub::wub: Makes me want a little Yorkie of my own. :innocent:
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