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Originally posted by DMZ dogs@Mar 26 2005, 08:16 AM
I've been deleting them.  The internet wackos from a couple years back who posted a $500 reward for proof of my older's dog's death are re-surfacing, so I'm trying to become invisible.  I don't want them to find out where I live because when it first happened, it started to merge into real life as well.  We were out walking and some drunk foreign guys starting making cracks about how they knew how to earn some quick beer money.  They were pretty drunk, but still...that was just too scary.  So, I'm trying to delete myself off of this site entirely after I noticed that if I google my older's dog's name along with the country where I am living, posts from this site come up.
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That sounds scary, internet wackos really ruin it for everyone you know? i wouldt post photos of myself , online except all my friends post pages with me on it alrieady so i just figure whatever, but if that eve happened to be i would freak out
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