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Do they pick favorites?

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I've noticed that our Mochi acts a lot different between Me and my Husband. With me, he'll follow me everywhere, sit next to me if i'm on my computer, and sleep on my chest when he first gets into bed.

With my husband, he'll only go to him when he's feeling rowdy, or for walks.

My husband gets a little jealous because mochi spends soo much more attention to me...we both love him so much, and i think it's soooo cute that he acts this way :D

anyone else?
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Just my opinion.

I was watching a TV show about how babies (a person) will do the same thing. The mom is the nurturing one and the dad is the one that likes to play. The baby knows that and for that reason it will run to its mom for comfort and to dad to play. This behavior is carried over as they grow older.

I've seen this animals as well. My other dog, Moses, acts the same way. He gets most of his loving from my wife. But when he wants to play, I'm the first one he comes to. My wife won't play with him because he's too rough.

With our Maltese, Noah, I'm trying to split things up. I try to give Noah loving 50% of the time so he won't just come to me to play.
We have found Tiki to be just like our kids. Dad is for fun, Mom is for food and comfort.

Morgan is definatley my baby. He follows me everywhere and does not want me out of eye view. He wants "Daddy" when "Mommy" isn't there, The minute I come into view, he jumps from his lap and he is done with him. We got the third dog, our little Yorkie a few weeks back just because of that reason, (or one of the reasons anyway lol), so "Daddy" could have a little baby. Unfortunately it backfired and he also wants my lap more than his. Our other dog is just too big to be cuddling on anyone's lap, but he is the "Daddy's Boy" out of the three.
isn't it funny....

Omg Mochi will get soooo rowdy and soo happy when i come home from work..wanting kisses and huggs...until i carry him over my shoulder and he'll calm down and lay his head on my shoulder.

all that and....when my husband comes home....he looks and him and continues what he's doing...or he'll give him a little energy and maybe a kiss.

aww poor daddy
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Caesar is definantely a mommy's boy. I can't leave the room without him following, and if he lays down in bed with my husband and I'm not there yet he'll stand at the end of the bed crying til i get there. It drives my husband nuts, but you can tell he still loves his daddy a lot!
Especially when it comes to playing! Caesar does get very excited when Daddy comes home though, he jumps at my husband's legs. My husband just can't pick him up quick enough.
It's so fun to come home and be greeted with such an excited little wiggley bundle of fluff :D !
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