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Do you like to fish?

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Last weekend my dh and son went on a fishing trip, we are blessed to have many lakes within 30 miles from our house. Thought you might like seeing one of the fish my son caught, he ended up with 7, dh 2.
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I love fishing. Recently in Barbados, I went fishing with my stepson. We didn't catch a thing. All the fishing boats in our wake did!!

Oh wow, Paula. Where do you live? Heaven? Those pictures are magnificent.
Those are really beautiful photos!! I was wondering too what state is that in? It's looks so peaceful and just gorgeous!!
I like to go fishing too! lol I'm a country girl... :blush:
AWESOME ^_^ love these pictures..and way to go to son ;)

thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us :aktion033::wub:


ps. Fish and Kat aren't good friends:blush: I don't really eat enough of them (not my fave food, I mean) - sure wish if they were coz they are very healthy.
I don't eat fish:blink: most of the fish they catch are released. I live in Northern Idaho
Used to go with my Grandparents (although I was more of a cheering committee cuz I couldn't stand touching the worms :p) ... brings back fun memories... although our lake wasn't nearly as gorgeous as that one - repleat with lilypads...SO PRETTY!!! Glad they had a fun day! :)
Paula -- DH loves to fish. He's from Boise and used to go up north all the time to fish. Are you near Coeur d'alene?
I fished the bay all my life with my dad. They were some of the best days of my life. We'd find a good spot, bait up and drop the lines. Then I'd lean back in the seat and catch some rays....ahhhh....I can feel it now. Then....that tiny "tug" on the line!!!!! :aktion033: Carefully, very carefully you start to reel 'em in. You don't want to shake him off, slowly keep reeling in....while you're yelling "GET THE NET!!!"

Then who ever caught the fish got his/her picture taken with their catch. It's funny that it was always the biggest one that got away....why is that?

When the fish stop bitting, we just move to another spot. What wonderful happy days I've spent on the bay.

I tell you there's nothing better than fresh fried flounder right after we dock the boat.

Oddly enough I don't think I ever fished in fresh water.

Thanks Paula - you gave me a huge smile. Oh, my dad is still around, but neither one of us has a boat at the moment :angry: We haven't been out in a couple years.
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ive never ever fished , i would like to .. and those pics look great !
I love your pictures! They are beautiful! I love to fish, but I don't love the motion sickness...
Woww..the lake is beautiful. Looks so serene and clear. Thanks for sharing the pictures and hope you guys had fun :D
Beautiful lake in the background.
That looks like a nice place, so relaxing.
Dad took us fishing all the time growing up, for trout on ponds and on the ocean "jiggin" for cod. Fishing for trout involved alot of walking to get to the best part of the pond which always seemed to be around the next bend, although sometimes we used a boat too. We used to get fish but in later years it seemed we were more surprised when we caught something...but it's not about the fish it's about fishing (usually when I don't catch anything :D).
Beautiful pictures. My husband LOVES to fish, but he just throws them back.
Beautiful lake. I don't like to fish, I am sea sick even on a lake. And I don't eat much fish, too scared of the bones. It takes me an eternity to eat a trout.
What a beautiful lake, i don't like to fish, but i would love to just sit in the boat on the lake.
WOW! Paula that is a great looking bass your son has there. I used to like to fish but haven't been in a while. The lake is beautiful!
What a peaceful looking lake! Thanks for the pictures. Yes, I love to fish. I actually was fishing at our lake house this morning and caught a nice sized cat fish--no bass which is what his looks like. Not only do we love to fish, we love to have fish fries when we catch them. YUM!!
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