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Do you recognize this little malt???

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Well of course you's Ava!
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yes, this was Ava.....just this morning...
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But...we went to the groomers today.....


Drum roll please....

Ta Da!
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So what do you think?
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I believe she may have even lost some weight, I need to weigh her again
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I think I LOVE IT!!!!
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! OMG i didn't think she could get any cuter, but somehow she has. :wub:
I have just a simple answer....she looks adorable! she looks so soft too.
OMG, Pat, I love Ava's haircut!!! Does that tell you how much I love it!!! She is adorable, precious and cute as can be!!!!:chili::chili::chili::chili::chili:
i think she looks sooo beautiful , love the short body n long legs , love it !!!!!! love it , she is a doll !
Hahaha! She is tooooooo cute! I think she looks a lot like Cosy, but then, they are cousins. :)
Do you see a difference in her actions? Is she barking "FREEEEDOMMM!!!"
Ooo, I like her haircut. Might be something I need to do for Jamie cuz she sure is matting. BTW, I took a pic of Abbey to my groomer and had her cut Jamie's face the same way.
OMG! I love it too :wub::wub::wub:
:wub::wub: I LOVE IT:chili::chili::chili: AVA:wub: I bet she loves it SHE LOOKS LIKE COSY
Ava looks so beautiful!!! I love her new hair cut. Josey has her hair cut the same way. She does look a lot like Miss Cosy. :wub: :wub:
OMG!!! You did it, Pat!!! I love it. She's so stinking cute! :D
Ava looks absolutely gorgeous! I love her new haircut and I am sure she loves it as well. Your groomer did a great job but she had a beautiful girl to work with.
OMG!!! I knew it! I knew she would look fabulous. She looks a lot like Cosy! Can't wait to see all the fabulous oputfits you have in store for your little model. I'm sure she's loving her cut too :)
P.S. - I love the waddaya think shot - it's as if she's really asking us! I believe you had mentioned in a previous thread that her hair is very cottony (liek Aolani's) - don't you just love how much less there is to get matted and break?
She is just too adorable!! Bet it'll be a lot easier to keep up with too! ;)
She looks so cute - like a puppy again!!!

You took such great pics it makes me want to start another post (think I will) in suggestions... we are always fishing around for puppy cut piccies and the posts (like yours) that show all the different angles are perfect for showing groomers. I'm gonna suggest they make a pinned post of puppy cut piccies. Who can't get if ya don't ask, right?! ;) :D

*blowing kisses to Miss Ava in her beautiful new cut* I bet she feels like a million bucks too!!!
She is absolutely STUNNING!! I can't believe how different she looks.
Yikes, It seems like Maisie and Ava went to the same groomer! I had Maisie cut almost exactly the same except a little shorter on the chin and a tad longer on her torso. I was petrified about how she would come out but I am so happy:chili:. Combing her is now a breeze:thumbsup:.Ava looks precious:wub:.
Wow! What a difference a darling haircut makes!! She is just wayyyy precious, Pat. She reminds me of a couple others now. :wub: I LOVE it!!
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