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Does anyone recognize this dog???

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She sure is CUTE!!!! :wub:

So cute, I might just keep her! :thumbsup:


And after!
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omg no you didn't? Did you give her the korean malt cut? I love it! Did you show the groomer a pic or what did you tell them? I'd be afraid they would mess up, as always. lol. Awww very cute.:wub:
Oh. My. Goodness. :wub:

She looks as cute as a button.. No, way cuter! lol I think I'm drooling a little bit and embarrassing myself in the process..:blush:
So cute, I might just keep her! :thumbsup:
Okay, but if you change your mind about keeping her...:whistle:
Love the Korean Malt cuts!
Coco had one and now it's grown out to a spikey look on her head.
Which I actually like on her, makes her look like a boy for Daddy.

Your Malt is too cute for words! :wub:
She looks like Despearux in that last picture :D
Can someone tell me what a "korean malt cut" is like?
I cut Toy's hair like that after seeing Coco and Mimi in their cuts. I love that little do!
Oh yes, I recognize her, she's mine, please return her :wub: (well it was worth a shot :HistericalSmiley:) She is adorable!!!!
She looks stunning! I love the Japanese style grooming. Lucky you, you're have the experts available, lol.
YES I love it too! Thank you!
At the groomers we always use, it was called "Okinawa Special for small beauties" LOL cute name huh?!
And sorry girls, but she is MINE all MINE! =) Be jealous! lol
Very cute haircut !
Aw she is adorable! I soooo want a Korean Malt!
Sooooo cute. :wub: She doesn't look real. She looks like a extremely cute toy. :) So I too ask, what is the Korean cut?
omg she looks adorable , like a stuffed doggie!
I LOVE her haircut! She looks even more adorable than before!
Holy Mackeral! That new hair cut is stunning!!!!! :aktion033:

How cute!!!
she looks great - she looks like a little bunny - so cute!
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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