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Does it look like Snowy to you?

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Here is what happened in my little free time today...

I tried my first attempt at drawing Snowy in GIMP(paint) by using the brush

What do you think about SnowyToon?

Does he resembles my monster?

let me know what you think :) otherwise, have a good day ^_^

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Yes that is awesome!!!! :blink: Where is Crystal's?? ??
Bravo...what a good job! It looks like a logo to me!! :aktion033:
You are so talented Kat. SnowyToon looks just like Snowy. Very cute!!
You captured Snowy perfectly Kat! Your endless talents never fail to amaze me, seriously!
Wow Kat, you captured his adorable smile perfectly!! Impressive!! I love it!!!
:thumbsup: Good Job! Yep, I can see Snowy there!!
Wow! You are way too talented girl!! It's adorable. And of course the original is beyond adorable as always!
u definitely have talent , i think u captured his essence perfectly , i do think he should become a label .. too cute!!
Wow Kat, you sure are talented. I think you have captured Snowy's happy personality in your cartoon:thumbsup:. I wish I could be half as creative as you.
That's a great characature of Snowy! Great job, Kat!
aww that is the cutest pic! i think you've perfectly captured how happy and joyful snowy always seems to be!
That's so cool, Kat! I love, love, love that painting of Snowy boy! What, your first attempt? Incredible, love that detail with his tongue!!! :w00t:

Wow! Go on ...!

Alexandra :wub:
awwh I am glad that you liked Snowytoon. My hand was a bit shakey on the mouse, so I did: draw and erase a lot, but it was fun drawing it. I never thought that I will do a drawing on paint or never knew that I can do it lol

but who you calling a monster :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
:HistericalSmiley: that is one of his nicknames ... Snowy is a Toy Monster; just ask stuffie Lion, stuffie teddy, stuffie bunny and the rest - they will confirm that to you. He caused blindness to many stuffed toys -takes of their eyes, many others lose their ears, tails..etc
Snowy is a toy destroyer. Just don't leave the victims on the ground when the Monster is alone and the world will be fine.
His sister, Crystal, is also known as the monster ...

Was thinking, between your cartoon character and Heini's adventures I think we've got the seeds of a whole Maltese kids book empire right here.:chili:
awwwwh Heini boy's adventures are the best :wub::wub::wub:

i spent over an hour watching his videos on youtube earlier today, he sure kept me
awwh glad that he kept you entertained. Him and Crystal are good at keeping us entertained as well. This was taken last week... I thought of posting it in the video section of SM, but didn't get into it yet. oh well, here it is if anyone wanted to watch them.

I am very jealous of your skills! when I use the brush in paint - I end up having something that looks like I gave my computer to a small small child!
LOL Erin, trust me, i never knew that I can draw in Paint :HistericalSmiley:
I find Snowytoon 'ok' ... not bad but not wow :p I wanted to do Snowytoon's head a little different (with a little hair-spike), but my hand was shakey on the mouse, so I was happy with just a rounded head with a little movement that makes the head looks furry :)

Give it a try when you get *in the mood* of drawing, you might be surprised.

he also reminds me of Snoopy and a polar bear :p
LOL funny part is: my brother calls Snowy: Snoop :D

Have to do one for Crystal so she won't get jealous.
Where is Crystal's?? ??
A drawing of Crystal that I made with a pencil

I sure will draw Crystaltoon soon :wub:

That's so cool, Kat! I love, love, love that painting of Snowy boy! What, your first attempt? Incredible, love that detail with his tongue!!! :w00t:

Wow! Go on ...!

Alexandra :wub:
Thanks Alexandra. It was, indeed, my first attempt at trying to draw in 'paint'. I didn't know that I will be able to draw in paint before:HistericalSmiley: I just felt like drawing.

A * DORABLE!!!!! Excellent skillz Ms. Kat!!!! :) You could sell those as prints on stuff (t-shirts, bags, etc)... SERIOUSLY
That would look cute printed onto a tote bag!
Or onto a T-shirt!
It looks like a logo to me!! :aktion033:
I do think he should become a label
Thanks for the fun ideas ladies :D let's see where will I end up using Snowytoon ;)

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Very, very cute, Kat! You captured smiley Snowy perfectly!
Great drawing Kat, you are super talented. :aktion033: Love the drawing of Crystal too.:aktion033:
Yes, yes it does. LOL, very nice drawing, Kat! :wub::wub::wub: It shows Snowy's happy attitude well!
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