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Does your fluff waddle or prance?

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Have you ever noticed how your fluff walks? My Rose waddles like a duck! I'm not kidding. She swings her behind as she plods along. It's hilarious to watch:HistericalSmiley:Yep, she's always been a waddle-girl. Now my Lily prances and her head is held high like she thinks she's a show dog or some kind of royalty. It's like she knows she's special. :HistericalSmiley:So how about your fluffs?
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Pixie is a prancer, no doubt about it! She cracks me up, it's so cute. Jazz is my waddle-butt. God, I love these guys lol!
My Fallon is a waddler. She's my beautiful plus size model. Darla prances and Crisse trots. LOL
Rocky is definitely a prancer! He too holds his head up high and prances around like he's royalty! it's pretty funny...but after all, he IS our Prince.
My Lola is rockin' a mean waddle! She is also a plus size model! I tell the vet that all the time! LOL! Frank (also know as Mr. Fancy Pants) has a fabulous prance going on, and Miss Truffles is like a model on the cat walk. She has a great prance! Love them all!
I'm glad you brought this up. Since I got Libby I thought something
was wrong with her!! Now I know she's a waddler:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:.
Alvin and Chloe prance with their heads up in the air, It's like they're
saying look at me look at me I'm adorable.
I love to watch Lola walk. She look so cute :wub: such a well balanced jaunty prance. Out with my hubby I even like to get just behind as it is so fun to watch her.
Tyler's got the prance thing down pretty perfectly. Everyone always says he looks like a show dog in a ring.:aktion033:
Sasha has the sexy waddle walk,the rest are prancers.It's funny the difference in their gaits isn't it?
Sweetness prances like the diva she is, and Tessa hops. What else are you going to do with only 3 legs?????
dolce prances like hes on tippie toes it is the cutest little thing ...
Ava and Abbey are girlie girl prancers. When Ava was in full coat it looked like she was gliding across the floor..:wub:

Arch is over weight and waddles. I love that fat butt of his :wub:

Tink....he's always running - either running and barking to warn us of impeding danger or running away from anyone who wants to pet him....:blink:
Haley prances when she walks but when she has a lot of energy, she hops like a bunny (one of her nicknames is "Haley-bop"). So cute to see her walk - she looks so graceful (and her feet move so quickly!).
A friend of mine says Tess sashays and after she said that I really couldn't think of a word that describes how she walks and twirls around any better.
Zoey and Emy prance.
Chloe is a prancer...I love watching her walk. The first time I brough her to work, my boss commented on how she walks so fancy! I don't know how to describe the way Summer walks but she is so cute to watch!
I noticed when Sasha has a squeaky toy ,she holds her head up high and prances.but when she has to come to you,she just kinds mosies along,with that self defiant waddle of hers,I guess it would be more of a sashay too.. But let her carry a squeaky and her whole demeanor changes to "look at me"...
Caddy waddles and wiggles, the rest of mine 'prance'
Maybe prance. More like jaunty. She has places to go, things to investigate, and needs to do it in a hurry. Nose up, or down depending on the smells, but always. Look At Me!
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