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Saw this on another maltese forum which was cross-posted from another dog forum, and since I remember many of you all using these brands, I felt I should cross-post. I didn't read the entire thing since I don't feed miss Gigi these foods, but let me know if you want anything editted out.


please stop using the following till Jan 2011 - read in:

o Solid Gold [all except the Holistique Blendz formula]
o Taste of the Wild [kibble and canned food]
o Artemis [kibble and canned food]
o Canidae [all except the Chicken and Lamb formulas]

Story below:

As many of you know, we lost our beloved Bodhi to liver cancer in late
October 2009. Once Christmas passed it gave us an opportunity to do some
additional research into some possible links to liver cancer
[hemangiosarcoma] .

We became aware that the FDA requires ALL imported fish-meal to be treated
with the preservative ethoxyquin. Ethoxyquin is also used in jet fuel,
cosmetics and in some human foods. The levels allowed in pet food is
substantially higher than that allowed for human consumption. It is a known
carcinogen that targets the liver and spleen.

While many commercial pet foods use imported fish-meal, many of the holistic
manufacturers have applied for a special exception allowing them to use
other preservatives like Naturox, which is a natural alternative to

Earlier this month we contacted all of the manufacturing companies that had
fish listed on the ingredient panel to find out:

1) Was it imported fish
2) If imported what preservative was being used

We found that the following brands of food contained fish meal treated with

o Solid Gold [all except the Holistique Blendz formula]
o Taste of the Wild [kibble and canned food]
o Artemis [kibble and canned food]
o Canidae [all except the Chicken and Lamb formulas]

We contacted the manufacturer' s representative and were informed that
approximately 6 months ago they began shelf-testing Naturox and will finish
with the shelf trial towards the end of this year. Hopefully at that time
all ethoxyquin treated fish meal will be eliminated from the foods listed

While the products only contain trace amounts of this preservative, our
feeling is that a healthy animal might be fine on the food, whereas
genetics, immune compromised states, and other factors could influence
whether an animal develops cancer over time.

If you would like to continue using any of the foods during this internal
recall, we can special order the foods but we WILL NOT be offering them for
general sale in our store.

As we stated previously, once this ingredient is replaced we will offer
these foods again, but as always, we continue to monitor the products we
sell at The Big Bad WoofR. If you ever have questions about any products in
our store please ask.

We thank you all for being our customers, and we will work with you to find
good alternatives if you were using one of these foods.
Thank you,

Julie Paez & Pennye Jones-Napier
The Big Bad WoofR
Office: (202) 291-5575

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There is a lot going on in the dog food industry. I have a good friend that does a lot of research on dog food ingredients and maufactuers. Solid Gold has always been a good quality food, however they are now marketing it in Pets Mart and large chain stores so the have added the preservative to get longer shelve life. There is also talk that Evo and Innova are being bought out by Proctor and Gamble so look for changes in that line also.
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