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Originally posted by LucyLou@Aug 23 2005, 11:13 AM
Sorry for the very short reply, but I'm in a hurry...........

The different shows you see are those sponsored by various kennel clubs in different cities.  The kennel club secures the location and does all the work of putting it together.  They hire one of the groups who specialize in setting up the rings, etc. to go from there. These folks send out notices of upcoming shows to those who are in their data base.  I get several of these a week, as I've had dogs shown on both the east and west coast.  Then, before the show, if you are entered, you get another listing telling you more details such as the entries for each breed.  All these shows follow the same AKC standards, so when you go to one it should be very much the same as the next.  Judges are selected by the kennel club. 
There are some shows just for toys, and there are also specialty shows. 
Maybe Foxstone, or one of the other show people who just lurk and doesn't post will add to this, as I think it would be a good topic for some of you to learn the other end of owning a dog.
Who knows, some of you may get the bug

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I too am new at this and learning more and more each day. I would like to add to lucys post that when she Says "Specialty shows" she means just one breed. I have found that the shows held by kennel clubs can range in he sizes but they are small compared to the large AKC shows. You will have several Speciality shows through out the year and you will also have a national Speciality show. This show is held by groups such a American Maltese Assoc. has there National Spec coming up in Sept. If you have a chance to go that is a great place to see wonderful maltese. I cant remember for the life of me where it is this year.... I know Lucy knows?

thats my little bit of help I can offer.
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