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All of the shows that I attend are AKC sanctioned shows. There are also UKC shows but they are not as numerous. The Kennel clubs put on these shows. In many cases a couple (or more) of different kennel clubs will get to gether and put on shows. A good example is the huge Montana circut that happens every years which spans three different cities over a 10 day period.

Colorado does not have many shows, but there are other surrounding states that I can travel to for shows. All of the shows are AKC because an AKC Championship is what I am working towards for each of my dogs.

The AKC recently has added the AKC/Eukanuba Classic that is kind of a traveling show but before this the AKC, per se, did not put on a show. The Westmister Show is put on by the Westminster Kennel Club of New York. I know this is confusing but I hope that I have helped you out a bit.
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