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Doggie Lifejacket Recommendations?

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We are chartering a house boat in August on the Erie Canal and I want to get a lifevest for Queso just in case she gets in the water. Do you have any recommendations for a good one? Hopefully not too expensive and that can be found online or in NYC?

Erin, if you see this, I have noticed that Hunter has a super cute one - can you tell me where you got it?

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We have the pink polka dot ones too. You can get them all over the inter-net and also on ebay.
Hunter's life jacket came from RuffWear. Here is a link to their webpage. I actually shopped around to find the cheapest price on the life jacket as there was a variation depending on the site. We actually bought ours from THIS site as they also had free shipping!

I honestly tried on a few others before we settled on this one. It felt the sturdiest and the most durable and I really liked that it had a VERY durable handle, a hidden D-ring so we could use it on the beach too, and the bright colors. (oh, and the most important part of court was that it could be clipped on and off easy as there was no mesh panel on the bottom - Hunter still doesn't really like to pee while wearing it so off it comes for potty purposes.)

Good luck finding the right one for Queso so she can join you on your adventures.

Thanks for the tips. I may have to get the Petco one since we are only going away for a week and are on a limited budget. If I thought we'd use it more often, I'd definitely go for the fancier one. It looks really nice.
The PetCo ones have worked just fine for my 2 girls -- but I also know that you can find the same one on e-bay, sometimes for much less.
Dora got the pink polka dot one this weekend. :) She hasn't been in the water yet but she doesn't seem to mind wearing it around the house. I like that is has velcro and buckle fasteners, along with the handle for a quick grab and a d-ring.
This is an excellent post. Thanks guys.
I got Paws Aboard brand it comes in either pink or blue polka dot ..It worked really well for Baci .
I just got back from petco and they had ones made by BodyGlove that seems sturdy and were not expensive.
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