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Dogs Deserve Better

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I just wante to share this website with everyone in this forum.
Dogs Deserve Better
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thanks for the site. there's also a t-shirt on that says something like "friends dont chain friends" or something. its totally sad to see things like this, you know? i wish i could help every dog out there.
In extreme conditions...I agree with this...but we don't have a fenced in yard, and my two big dogs live in a 10x20 kennel...and they surely are not being mistreated! We take them out and play with them..etc...they have a house and toys..and plenty of room to potty....and it gets cleaned daily. If the bassett is let out, she absolutely must be left on a lead/tie-out b/c she runs away-without hesitation...she just follows her nose and GOES!!! Her tie out is like 30 feet long however, so except for often tangling around some trees b/c she is not the brightest bulb in the box, she has plenty of room to run and play..she and the Lab have a great time...she just can't run free like the lab b/c she does not stay home.

I would be SO offended if one of my neighbors came and said I was mistreating my dogs b/c they lived in the kennel.
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tlunn, i totally get what you're saying. i dont know---i just feel bad for your dogs outside when they see brinkley in the house. and that sucks you dont have a fenced in yard. i know how it was when we lived in a townhome and we had no yard, and we'd take our dogs out on a 15 ft leash and have them run around....but then the leash gets tangled around their necks---we'd have to stop. lol. im totally hoping the dogs do well at the dog park. its going to be big and they can run around like crazy.

anyway---i feel as though i'm mistreating my dogs because they dont get the exercise they need. like a few days ago we went to the park, and we put them on their 15 ft leashes and had them run around playing gruffi will ring the bell and if we take him outside (to the front of the house) he starts walking to the right because thats the way we walk to the park! lol. he's cute
Back when i i used to live in Poland, i remember my grandparents would tie their dogs and chain them to the trees. It didnt seem crual beacsue everyone would do that. When i came to this country, i was thinking people here are CRAZY when it comes to dogs, or pets!

Beds, clothing????

My brother just came from Poland and it just happens that i was packing gifts for our holiday gift echange... he told me im crazy... and just looked at me like im a complete weirdo!!!!

My mom just got back from Florida... she said that there is a lot of wild dogs running there. Simply, when people dont like them, they throw them away.
Well that is sad.

Originally posted by doctorcathy@Dec 1 2004, 09:42 AM
tlunn, i totally get what you're saying.  i dont know---i just feel bad for your dogs outside when they see brinkley in the house.  and that sucks you dont have a fenced in yard. <div align="right">index.php?act=findpost&pid=19609

I don't think they care...LOL...he bugs them anyway...they like each other...

I am allergic to them...TERRIBLY! They couldn't live in the house anyway...I would have to live in the kennel...
Hopefully within the next year we will be able to move somewhere and have a fenced in yard...but in the meantime...they have a very nice, roomy, kennel...they don't even have to bother with mud/grass etc. :D And really, there is something to be said for "house" dogs and "outside" dogs...I know several people who let their bassetts and labs like mine live in the house...but they are constantly shedding...and the bigger the dog..the more they shed..and the bigger the doggy smell...anyway-mine are fine outside. Others may disagree..but I think they are very well taken care of. That is my whole point
I just always seem to RAMBLE.....
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There are people that don't take care of their dogs, they dont provide shelter, water and food. by my house there is a dog that cries for part of the night-I think the owners leave the dog outside and right now is getting really cold in the bay area. I just don't understand how people can treat a dog that way, when all dogs want is to be with their master

Some of you remember when I foster my inlaws dog "Brenda"
(she appears in my avattar) she was an outside dog they didnt want her because she destroy their back yard, they did not pay any attention to her, no play time, they would just leave her in the back yard alone. (and the owners before my inlaws they were WORST)so when I brought her to my apartment she did not damage anything in the haouse all she want it was to be with someone. I'm saying this beacuse dogs big or small want to be the pack all the time.

tlunn, I think is great that even tho you keep your dogs out side, they have the shelter and the love, time of their caregivers and there are two to keep each other company. :D
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