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Her name is Jasmine.. she weights like 2 pounds.... she is soooooooo cute and sooo small.. she has been with us since Saturday! her mom had to go up to NY and i volunteer to keep her (her mom was going to put her in a doggy Hotel) .. i couldnt do such a thing.. she is doing great .. full of energy.. my other 2 dogs (bigger a lot bigger i may add 7 pounds..) were at first scared of her... lol then hated her... and now they ALL play together... the LIL one hits both of the other ones.. hahahahahahah

she is probably going to stay until Tuesday night.. or WEdnesday.. let me tell ya after this my parents and my bf,, my sisters are ready to adopt her.
.. and we told her mom that if she ever could not take care of her.. we would be more than happy to adopt her

i will post a pic in a bit
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