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Doing business

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I am concern about how long it takes Puddles to finish his business.

I switched him to Innova in May. The last 2 weeks when he does his #2 it takes him a while to finish, like he's constipated. He will sit still and then move around 2-3 times still in the potty position. But the stool is not hard, kinda soft.

If I have to I will change him off Innova if it's causing him problems.

Ideals any one .......
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If this is abnormal then I need to call the vet as well. Frosty takes FOREVER to poo. She also does the circling until she finally decides she is in the right position. And then she leaves little dropplings in several different places. But she also is VERY modest about using the potty. She doesn't like for anyone to be near her, or looking at her. Not even the other animals in the house. Go figure! I can use the restroom with all three human kids talking to me, and the two pups barking at me and the cat on my lap purring for attention, but she can't pee if I am standing near her looking the other way!
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