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dolce has an overbite?

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Ok so dolce has the top two front teeth. Growing in n the other ones under haven't fallen out yet. Therefore it looks like an overbite. Is this normal? Also a loong time ago I thought he had actually lost a few of his teeth well either they were too tiny or I wasntlooking close enough. Anyway should I take him to the vet to get his teeth extracted. Is his the norm ? I thought they would fall out by tthemselves. ?
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A scissors bite is when the top front teeth mesh over the bottom teeth...with no notable gap inbetween. An overbite is usually a gap with the upper teeth over the lower. A scissor bite is correct as is an edge to edge bite.
Dogs can have an long as the teeth are not so misaligned as to cause dental problems it is of no consequence to a pet quality dog. Swollen gums while teething can make the bite appear to go over or under. What teeth have not fallen out by 6-7 months of age should be pulled at the time of the neuter.
Have the vet check them the next time you are in the office. It will make you feel better about it~~~:wub:
Thanks guys. U r always so helpful and informative.
Retained baby teeth are fairly common in toy breeds. They are usually removed during the spay or neuter. Dolce just turned six months, right? That's when vets normally schedule the neuter.

Have your vet check his mouth when you do his pre op bloodwork for his neuter.
Since Dolce is still losing his puppy teeth, it's quite normal for some to start out a bit crowded when the new ones start pushing through. It's a good idea to have your vet check his teeth the next time you bring him in, but I bet his teeth are normal. :) It's perfectly fine for him to have an overbite (if he indeed does) and likely won't be an issue for him unless it's severe.
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