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Dora might be a swimmer!

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So we had fun last night with Dora and I wanted to share with you guys. :)

We went for a walk around the neighborhood with Dora and stopped by the pool. It is brand new and hasn't opened yet for the year but we wanted to stop by and see if our key worked. B) The door locks from the inside AND the outside but the key ONLY works to get in!! ....Fortunately it's an open wrought-iron typ fence around it so can you just stick your arm out and unlock it from the other side. And it's only a 5 foot gate anyways. So we didn't get stuck or anything!

We "tested" Dora to see if she could get through the fence and it seems to be just a little too small for her to fit through. She was very confused as to why we were trying to push her through the bars! So we can let her run around free. :chili:

She started checking out the pool and within 15 seconds....she fell in! :w00t: Fortunately it was in the "baby pool" section and the water was only up to her chest. She didn't seem upset or anything but we scooped her out quickly (the water is still kind of gross). She looked like a white Pomeranian with her legs wet and her body still dry and fluffy! It didn't faze her a bit and she kept running RIGHT on the edge and poking her nose in the pool.

We're so excited to bring her to the pool this summer! Well...I hope we can. We haven't received a list of rules for the pool yet, so unless it SPECIFICALLY says "no dogs," Dora is going to be right there in a tiny lifejacket having a great time. :) ...And honestly even if the rules say "no dogs" we will probably take her occasionally when it's not busy. :innocent: She had such a great time. :wub:
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So cute...exploring her expanding world!!!! Definitely wanna see pics of her in a little Dora sized lifejacket!!!! :)
Zoey hates the pool, Tess is indifferent but Emy loved it last year. I hope she feels the same way this summer. I'd love to have her as my swimming partner. I hope Dora is another little bathing beauty! Be sure and get pictures!!
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