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Big milestone in our house today: the groomer was able to get Miss Dolly up in double top knots! I take her to get groomed every 2-3 weeks since I’m trying to let her grow long. Every time they attempt the double knots but it hasn’t been quite long enough. Today was the day and I think she looks adorable! I was so worried about the long coat in the beginning but so far, so good! The only issue is the occasional matting around her butt where she chews. Ugh.

She was 4 pounds 12 ounces today and started on apoqel. She’d been getting allergy shots every few weeks but they really weren’t helping with the itching so hopefully this will!

I also attached her “11 month old” picture from a few days ago because I just think she’s adorable in it. Looking so grown!

I hope everyone here is doing well and enjoying summer! Love to all!


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