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mommy and I have to walk for 20 minutes non-stop evewyday to keep my knees healfy.

I love walkin but I sure do get firsty. It's good fing momma gots two a dem dwy face bowls fwom Awnty Cwystal cuz dis one is MINE. Da boys can get a dwink in the bedwoom...

Thanks fo wookin gunna go take a nap now...

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lol...and how does mommy look after walking all three of you?

And...why is it that the tiniest one in the family gets the water bowl all to herself? :HistericalSmiley:

Izzy, you look like you had a grand time on your walk. I'm sending you tons of smoochies!!:smootch::smootch::smootch::smootch::smootch:
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