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thats soo cool. did you try it yourself? im going to call my mom, im going to get the exact recipe:

*8 bananas
*3 eggs
*4tbsp of flour. if the bananas are really ripe and liquidy--then more flour. she makes it till it has the consistancy of pancake mixtures. and then when she cookes it its brown (she usually burns it a little. lol).

and you can make it for parties. we make it for the family and the dogs get it as a treat.
so we eat it with maple syrup. my mom puts maple syrup and walnuts.

another thing that the dogs liked, my mom liked it too...but i was a little nervous to eat it. i dont know why--just knowing that she made it for the dogs made me reluctant to try it:

*chicken or tuna
*cut up veggies
mix together and cook in the oven at 350ºF till the top is a little crispy and brownish. let it cool and thats a cute little treat to carry around. its a little chewy and soft. she made that a few times. gruffi and ellie loved it. sprite would pick off the oatmeal and eat the chicken. <_<

i'm really happy casper enjoyed himself.
i'm not too sure why my mom added egg into the batch--a lot of stuff that she makes is what my grandma made up. my grandma was a WONDERFUL cook, but now that she has alzhiemers she doesnt remember a lot of the recipes. my mom will talk about these things my grandma made up and called "roscones" (they say it in spanish) and it was sorta like a donut "but delicious"<--so my mom says. its been like 40 yrs since my grandma made it. so whenever i see my grandma i say "oh, what the recipe for roscones"----she still doesnt remember. but i have hope that it will someday come to her.

she showed my sister and i how to make these quesadillas that she would make at EVERY party. and i remember trying to make it and it wouldnt come out right. the secret ingredient: egg whites! i was like what?!

if we ever have a maltese party at my house, i'd make you these quesadillas:

***dont give these to the dogs though. they'll beg, but its too fatty and greasy and just way bad for them, but heres the recipe for you!

**flour tortilla, cut it in half
**get egg whites, put it in a bowl and get one of those brushes
**brush the egg whites librally onto one side of the tortilla
**get monterey jack cheese(thats the jalapeno cheese, right?) and cut it up so that each peice is like 1"x1/4" blocks. (basically the size of a pen cap)
**stick one piece of cheese onto the side of the egg white side of the tortilla
**roll it up tight like a burrito
**get a deep pan and put like 2 inches of canola oil
**get the oil hot and deep fry the quesadilla

I promise you, these are the best tasting things in the world. just make a few and try it. make sure that you wait a few minutes to eat---when we were all kids, we didnt like waiting and the cheese inside gets soo hot! :eek: it burns.

***if anyone makes this, please tell me if you like it.

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Thanks for the other recipes...I'll have to give them a shot. I am so sry to hear about your grandma, it must be very difficult for you and your family.

When I made the fritters last night for Caesar I didnt use egg (oops i just thought it was flour and banana
). I just used one banana and mashed it with some flour. I will try it with eggs next time. I did taste it, it wasnt too bad at all. My husband wouldn't try it...but he is not a banana person at all.
Caesar loved it so much the first few pieces I gave him ( I was trying to cool it off quickly so broke it up) he didnt even chew...just swallowed. I guess he was afraid I would run out of them too quickly?!
Anyway after one of the little fritters cooled enough, I just broke it up and put it on a plate for him, he did enjoy that a little better...I think he actually chewed some. I think I am gonna make a few and just give him a small one each time he has to go in his cage. Cause I figure if i make a batch Sunday night, he can eat on them during the week while I am in class and my husband is teaching.
Thanks again! :D

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yeah, i didnt know it needed egg till i spoke to my mom this morning. its funny because cynthia will cook herself some and gruffi and ellie will follow her around the house. lol. she'll sit on the couch and eat it and they'll just sit there staring at her. i think sometimes that they're thinking "why are you eating my treats". :D I just realized that i called caeser "casper". sorry! and has caesar pood yet? i know that if we give our dogs eggs by itself---they'll get sick. they also get a little sick when they have cottage cheese. maybe its a dairy thing?? i dont know. but yeah, if you're feeding him new stuff---you'll know what he has reaction to. i doubt he'll get sick from bananas....but just in case, you know? definitely try the quesadillas for you and your husband. i cant stress how good they are.
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