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Thoughts on this product? We are looking to possibly change up Hunter's food and we have tried Stella and Chewy's little freeze dried patties but DH isn't keen on what they look like (though Hunter seemed to like them).

We did home cooking for a while but it got to be overwhelming for me (hubby is vegan and doesn't prepare meats) so I have been looking for other options.

So, here are my questions.

1. Could I use this as a suppliment to his kibble instead of a sheer replacement.

2. What types of proteins are people using with this?

3. If you are using this, what type of preparation do you do? (their website says it is good in the fridge for 3 days or can be prepared and frozen).

4. How messy is it when eaten?

5. What do you do when you travel?

Thanks everyone!
Hi Erin - this is just what I would do.

I would not use it as a supplement to kibble as there really wouldn't be much benefit aand it would be an expensive alternative to a multivitamin. Best to use real meat.

I usually use ground meat - boil it just enough to cook through - drain it and then mix in water and Dr. Harvey's. I have used lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and chicken livers, hearts and gizzards. The hubs scored some venison off a relative so we might be trying that soon. If the meat is not ground I put it in the food processor before mixing it with the water and the pre-mix. It takes me about 20 minutes to make enough food for 3 dogs for about 8 days. I freeze and refrigerate it in batches.

When you mix Dr. Harvey's put the water and the dry mix into the cooked meat in a batch rather than making fresh at every meal or it will be watery. The food is not messy when it's not really watery.

For travel I either bring a cooler and use the fridge wherever I'm going. Or if I'm visiting someone I bring the pre-mix dry and cook some meat when I get there. In a pinch you could order a broiled chicken breast in a resaurant and then cut into really small peices and mix up a batch in a hotel. Same with a steak or fish etc.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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