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draining eyes

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Ponyo has had some pretty wet fur under her eyes, it seems like her eyes have quite a bit of drangage comming out, but lucky for me, it's clear and not staining. Is this normal. What could be the cause and solution?
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No real advice, but wanted to tell you that has happened to Rocky...he has some staining, but it hasn't gotten worse for a long while now. Sounds like he may have some hairs poking him, did you check?
it could be the hair or just tearing , dolce tears alot , just try to keep hair out of eyes and the area clean n dry .
Good for you if it is clear and not staining. There is nothing you can really do about it. It could be that his tear ducts are clogged or that the tear ducts are so small that the tears cannot evacuate that way and then overflow from the eyes. I had Alex's tear ducts flushed when he was a pup and it did not help a bit. My vet did not recommend the surgery to make the ducts bigger. Something about scar tissue who will clogg them again, if I remember well. The staining was really bad with him. So be just glad that she is not staining.
This is a picture of Alex at the time :
B&B has problems with draining eyes, but are vet has never been concerned. I just wash her little face and when I groom her I cut the staining away.
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