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The DVD of The 2010 Safer Pet Vaccination Seminar is finally available! This 1 hour 59 minute DVD contains the live 2010 presentation by W. Jean Dodds, DVM. Event organizer Jan Rasmusen edited the DVD to pack in important information and remove questions and answers applicable only to a few. You'll also hear the 2010 Q & A session with Dr. Dodds and world-renowned scientist Ronald D. Schultz, PhD, plus bonus footage from the 2009 NE Rabies Challenge Fund Benefit Seminar plus audio from Dr. Dodds audio interview about canine thyroid disease. You'll also get the 57-page Program Guide with articles by Dodds and Schultz plus a year's free subscription to Dogs Naturally Magazine on-line (a $14.95 value).

To purchase the DVD, click here.

Click here for more information.

Note: to purchase 2 or 3 copies -- make sure you get one for your vet! -- use the "DVD alone" purchase link. You will get the DVDs, Programs and subscriptions for a reduced price.

All proceeds less shipping costs benefit the Rabies Challenge Fund. You can get this great information while supporting the study of the rabies vaccine.
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