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Ok I think I've figured it out. Just simply changing the setting to 'no email notifications' in your CP does not change your old posts. So I'm still recieving them for those, but not for my new ones.

Dianne, I was getting so many emails from here, FB, and the NMR group that I was really fearful of missing or not seeing an actual personal or business email. I went to digest on the NMR group which is extremely helpful. And now as the older threads that still have the email notification become less active, it should really be manageable. I'm here on SM fact I'm embarrassed to admit I just stay logged on all day and open that window from time to time to check in on my friends. Yep...I'm thinking that may be an addiction. :blush: Truthfully, I'm not on FB much anymore and find it so difficult to keep up with friends that way. You have to scroll through several pages to see what all your friends have had to say with no organized pattern like you do here with this forum. So I guess I need the email notifications for FB. :(
Crystal, I'm pretty familiar with this VB software as I use it on the Purse Forum, so I'll try to help. When you check "No email notification" in your CP that just means that that is the default that will be presented to you when you subscribe to a thread. You can of course change it to get notifications once you actually "subscribe" to the thread.

It can't go back to your old requests but what I have done on the Purse Forum is delete the subsription and the re-subscribe with the "no notification" default left as is.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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