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Grooming 1 or 2 more I could handle; I don't know about a dozen though

My husband wanted a dachshund when we first decided it was time for a puppy (last year). My kids wanted anything they could get. :D

Years ago we had a wonderful boarder collie; she got sick and had to be put down. I knew the commitment and work involved in having a dog. I don't believe a dog should be left outside or in the house alone all day. I feel they are a members of the family (I am sure most of you feel the same way), not just a "dog". Of course being the mom I would be the one to train and take care of this new addition so I agreed it was time, but I was going to get a maltese; I had wanted one since I was a teenager (a long, long, time ago

Once we saw Tiki we all fell in love. Now that we have had him for a year I don't think we would own another breed. Whenever we are around other breeds we enjoy their company, but not the odor and shedding that go with them. When my kids move out I know we will be getting more maltese puppies...... how many? Who knows, maybe a heard!

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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