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Eating on a schedule

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Ever since Twinkle was little I basically left a lot of food in her bowl and let her eat when she felt hungry. This worked with her because she didn't overeat. She actually ate very little. Now, I want to put her on a schedule, but I am having a hard time. I want her to eat as soon as I put kibble in her bowl..but she usually leaves it there for a day and maybe eats it the next day. This is very frustrating because I am trying to give her food supplements that require her to eat it every day. How do you train her to eat what is given immediately? :unsure:


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Hi Rachel,
I'm not sure what food supplements you're talking about.

My 3 girls act as if they haven't had a meal in eons. LOL. I give them a tiny amount of kibble with organic chicken breast in the morning, so there's something in their tummies and they don't throw up bile during the course of the day. Then, their dinner at night.

Maybe you have to add a little something to entice Twinkle. She's so adorable!!
I just went through this with a Chihuahua that belongs to my MIL. Just put the food down with a little enticement as mentioned above, if she doesn't eat it within 20-30 min. Pick it back up. Do this again at dinner and then the next morning.

When she's hungry she'll eat. She might go a day or so with out eating but she'll get it pretty quickly. Within 3 days my little chihuahua friend had the food situation around here worked out and snarfed down his meal regularly.

I did have to give him a few treats in the middle of the 2nd day to keep him from throwing up bile and I put a little gravy on his dinner that night so he would be more enthusiastic but after that he was all set.
I have the same issue, however I have noticed that it depends on what the food is. If I home cook (like when he's sick) he eats the food as fast as he can. If it's just the kibble he will let it sit. I haven't been too worried about it now but I could see how it would be an issue if you were trying to get him to take suppl.
yes...Diamond's eating habits are very bizarre.

When she's with my parents....she'll usually eat at around 12:30 am (usually when we do our final clean up for the night before bed.....we have food on the counter). My parents did the same thing as you = just leave kibble out and let them eat at their leisure. this was recommended to them by the vet they were taking Diamond to at the time.

When she's staying with my partner, she'll eat at random times of the day. But, sometimes it's pretty regular.

I'd like to see what other people suggest about eating habits.

*oh and Twinkle is ADORABLE!*
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