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Eating Poop?

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I notice that Lily has been eating her feces after she goes.. Does or has anyone else had this problem.. She will be going to the vet tomorrow so I will ask her about it!!
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I've been there.. Tuffy ate poop as a puppy but he finally grew out of it. No remedies helped him. The only thing that might have helped was when I switched him to adult food. My Yorkie is also a poop eater and I'm trying Forbid right now just because I happened to have a sample of it, but I'm not holding out much hope for it. I think a lot of dogs just have to grow out of it. Best bet is to try and grab it before they can. I call Pixie the poop ninja because she always manages to go into stealth mode to grab that poop.

Neither of my dogs are mill dogs and my Pixie came from a show breeder who raises her dogs in impeccable conditions so while that may be a reason for some dogs eating their feces, it certainly isn't the reason for all. Some dogs just eat poop for no good reason at all.
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