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Eating Poop?

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I notice that Lily has been eating her feces after she goes.. Does or has anyone else had this problem.. She will be going to the vet tomorrow so I will ask her about it!!
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There are a lot of posts on SM about that subject. Here is one thread that might be helpful... if only for the "misery loves company" aspect!!
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Originally posted by Lexi's Mom+Jul 26 2005, 09:05 AM-->
@Jul 25 2005, 10:45 PM
I heard "poo eating" was due to stress or need of attention.  Do you leave your dog unattended for long periods of time... or maybe longer than what she was used to?  Does she have other siblings she could be jealous of?  Is her "poo" area far from her eating area?  Also... I noticed a lot of threads on message boards about puppies eating poo because of their conditions at a puppy mill.  Puppies brought up in a fecal pool would eat their poo becuase it would be mixed in with their chow.  I would consider looking into the source of where your pup came from and make sure it isn't a puppy mill.  A lot of puppies coming from mills face expensive medical bills or poor health.  Just make sure they're checked out completely by your new vet!  Check out your new vet too!  As a parent you can't be too sure.
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That might be true in some case but not in mine. Nikki is from a show breeder and is very healthy. She started doing the poop eating on the 2nd day I had her. She had not been left alone yet. She loves her sister and has never shown any signs of being jealous of Lexi. She is supposed to poop outside and does most of the time. Her eating area is in her crate or bathroom. She has never pooped in the bathroom and has only pooped once in her crate (which was my fault for not letting her out when she cried in the middle of the night).
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My sister's lab mix was a poop eater as a puppy and he had not been left alone nor in a cage as a puppy, etc. For some reason, some dogs just are... The things I have read don't indicate a definitive cause.
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