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I still havent tried any remedies for this, but I think Phoebe could very well be growing out of the habit
She's almost 9 months. Usually I clean up right behind her (no pun intended), but there are times when she goes and I don't notice right away. She actually came to tell me the other day that she went on the pad so she could get her cookie because I hadnt noticed! I smelled her breath and she hadnt tried to recycle any!
She also goes for other animals poos, which she hasn't had any since the turkeys moved on to bigger and better things. As sick as this sounds, I actually think she just liked it. She is a very good eater, and any smell of food 'variety' I think she would go for it. Otherwise why would she like turkey poo (berries, etc).

The two things I was going to try were the meat tenderizer on her food (they say it makes poo taste bad, excuse me, 'worse'), and the hot sauce on her poo if that didnt work. I just never got around to it, and now I dont know that its necessary.

Good luck to you!
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