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Effie Does Not Like the Mirror.

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A few days ago I had Effie in my arms. I went into the bathroom, to get something out of the medicine cabinet. She went CRAZY when she got a look at herself in the mirror.:blink: She was growling, barking and crying. I tried petting her in front of the mirror and putting her closer, for a sniff. She was not having it. Now, everytime I open the medicine cabinet she barks. Even if she's in another room she barks when that door opens:unsure:

What does this mean? When I showed Libby the mirror, she licked it.

I feel bad and don't want Effie stressed, thinking there's a phantom dog hiding in the medicine cabinet. However, we use the cabinet often and don't want her barking when it's opened.

Any suggestions?:blush:
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I don't have any suggestions -- just a similar story to share.

When Lacie was a puppy, we lived in Southern California and how mirrored closet doors. Once I showed her the mirror, she was fine with it.

BUT, we also had a gas fireplace that had black glass on the front. It was very reflective and Lacie would go crazy whenever she saw her reflection in the firplace. The doggie door was right next to the fireplace and she would bark at the "dog in the fireplace" and run outside through the doggie door to play with the fluff. But the fluff was never there. Lacie just couldn't understand why the fluff didn't play with her. We lived there until Lacie was a year old and she did this the entire time we were there.

My DH said that he hoped we weren't bringing the "dog in the fireplace" to NM when we moved here. Now our fireplace is up higher with an adobe surround, so she doesn't seem to notice it at all.

Sounds like what Effie is thinking, imho.
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Oh, poor baby.........she should not be upset, if I had a refection as pretty as she is, I would smile and ask her to come out and play with me!!! Sorry, I do not know how to help you with the problem but it must have scared her and she remembers.:wub:
My living room has a wall of mirrors - inherited from former co-op owner but it does make the room look twice as large - anyway, I brought Tyler home and he would run to it, see himself, bark, jump back and forth, etc. But then after he did it a while I think he got it that it's him and he's fine now in front of mirrors - there's also one on my closet door. I wonder if you can get a small mirror cheap - like in B,B&Beyond and put it on the floor and see how she is with it and maybe put treats closer and closer in front to try to get her used to it. I don't think you can desensitize as easily if she's up in your arms...she can't back off if she wants to. There may be better ways but that's JMO.
Aw, that sounds so cute!! Sorry if she is stressed, though. That's never good, but the visual I have in my head is a cute one (tiny white fluff trying to act all tough)!

When Sophie was a puppy, I took her to my niece's house, and my niece had a doggy calendar on her desk. Well, my niece showed one of the doggies on the calendar to Sophie (I think it may have been a Malt or a Bichon), and Sophie flipped out! She started barking at it and even lunged at it.

Well, after that one incident, whenever Sophie and I went to visit my niece, the first thing Sophie would do was run to my niece's room and start barking at her desk where the calendar was, LOL. She's perfectly fine with mirrors, though.

Anyway, sorry I'm of no help. I hope this is resolved sooner than later.
Poor little Effie sounds confused and upset :( I don't have any advice except the usual of treats etc whenever you open the door or something.

My Lola is a bit of a nervy little thing too. She used to be very scared of shadows and reflections of anything. Now she is a lot better, but doesn't like strange things in a place that they weren't before. I have to show her what they are. She also barks when we make any kitchen noise like moving oven trays etc. I think she sensed my nervousness when I burned myself a couple of times on a new oven in my new place. So she is now scared for me and goes crazy when I am getting stuff out of the oven. (ok if I try to be quiet, not scrape the pans or anything)

We have sensitive adorable little creatures don't we?
I have the same problem Max barks at a similiar cabinet in my living room so I put some pillows up against it and it worked. But I am going to get some of the privacy window film you can pell and stick and make it look like it look frosted they have it at home depot. :thumbsup: Or tape black construction paper on the inside and it won't reflect back. Plus he did it when he was younger and now not so much.
Oh, poor baby, I hope Effie will outgrow it. :)

When we got Josey, she never saw herself for months. Then, one day out of the blue, I was holding her at my parent's house and walked by a large mirror. She was soo upset when she saw herself! :huh: She was mad, barking and growling. Here all this time.....I seriously think she thought she was a Maltese. :blink: Poor Josey, I told her she can write (Chocolate) Maltese on her job applications.:HistericalSmiley:
Poor Effie!
I have a great idea!
Keep her TREATS in there!! :)
Poor Effie!
I have a great idea!
Keep her TREATS in there!! :)
Good one :aktion033::aktion033:
Poor baby

Luckily I don't have that problem - while I dry my hair Dakota sits at my feet & admires herself in the mirror - she can't keep her eyes off herself! Lol
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