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you mentioned Rescue Remedy for Stress. I had never heard of that so i went to their website. Does it really work? my Bianca has a huge problem in cars. I have tried just about everything. I had bought her a seat that I clip in her harness to and she can sit and see everything. She barks nonstop and tries to get out of it. I have held her and even then she barks nonstop (very urgently) anytime we pass anything that is not a tree. last nite, i put her in a small crate on the front seat of my car for just a 10 minute car ride. You should've heard the noises coming out of her! she sounded like a cross between a dying turkey and a growling cat. there are times when I have to take her in a car and if this rescue remendy would work that would be AWESOME!!

also when you use rescue remedy, how long does the effect last? For example if i want to take my dog to my friend's house which is about 20 minutes away by car.. i would like for the dog to be calm in the car but then back to her normal self at my friend's house
I have used Rescue Remedy for years with Cita ... she is very scared of thunder, lightning and fireworks. However, I do not give it to her just on a whim ... I don't think it works that fast.

A week or so before July 4th, I start adding a bunch (5 - 8 drops - she weighs 50 pounds) to her food once a day. By the time July 4th hits, she is calm as can be. Now, that doesn't mean we set off fireworks in the yard, but she can handle going outside hearing them in the distance and she doesn't freak out.

I would try doing a little each day a few days before you know a car ride is in the plan. It would be great if you could have someone else drive, and you keep praising her and treating when she is calm and quiet.

HUGz! Jules
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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